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Here are some games with this vocaburary:    


The list is not complete. You can suggest  some additional useful words/expressions.  People actor/actress artist audience cast composer conductor director magician musician orchestra painter pianist playwright producer sculptor singer vocalist […]


Game 1: group the verbs Game 2: complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs. If you write an -ing form always put a 0 in front. […]


Have fun with the following games using the idioms below: copycat: does the same thing, wear the same clothes, wants to be similar dog days: the hottest days/period fishy: […]

Job interview listening

Choose the correct answer or complete the sentences:

Collective nouns

Try to memorize the following colective nouns and then you can play the game:

The future

Here are some exercises:


[Verse 1: Jamie Oliver] My name is Jamie Oliver, I’m here to say I wanna talk about Food Revolution Day Half the world is starving with too little to eat […]


Australia, down there

If you’d like to play some games click on the followings:

More words

Some exercises:

Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

Some exercises can help you out:

Getting around in Tokyo

WITH 882 STATIONS on 14 lines, Tokyo’s amazing subway system is one of the largest — and busiest — in all the world. The system map is a twisted mass of […]