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  First meet the new word. Then watch the video and then you can do the tasks above. the words to remember: intentionally                    deliberately, on purpose, knowingly, consciously unreliable                         […]


Environmental protection is one of the most important issues nowadays, and  considered one of the most difficult topic to talk about. Here you can find some help. First of all […]


When you take a language exam, you can be asked about driving even if you can’t drive at all. Watch the following short video, complete the tasks and you can […]

Collective nouns

Try to memorize the following colective nouns and then you can play the game:


In connection with traffic you can find some videos, games, exercises here to widen your vocabulary.

Getting around in Tokyo

WITH 882 STATIONS on 14 lines, Tokyo’s amazing subway system is one of the largest — and busiest — in all the world. The system map is a twisted mass of […]