Is it really so hard?


No, it isn’t. You don’t have to study a language. You should enjoy it.

Here are some tips for you:

  • learn maximum 5 words a day. Probably it seems few, but believe me, you can’t activate more.
  • don’t sit in front of your vocabulary trying to memorize. While studying words walk, jump, do the dishes,etc.
  • have a paper dictionary not just online ones. It makes your brain work harder.
  • complete vocabulary games, crosswords made for you (this website is made for this)
  • try to form stupid, but correct sentences with your new words
  • revise your old ones sometimes eg. by using them in your sentences
  • don’t learn grammatical rules if you don’t want to be a linguist, but try to understand them, and use them for a situation in your own life

And the most important of all: READ a lot, LISTEN to your favourite songs with lyrics and WATCH your favourite series, movies with English subtitle having a dictionary in your hand. You will be proud of yourself, you’ll see.