[Verse 1: Jamie Oliver] My name is Jamie Oliver, I’m here to say I wanna talk about Food Revolution Day Half the world is starving with too little to eat […]



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Australia, down there

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Present Simple

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More words

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Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

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Getting around in Tokyo

WITH 882 STATIONS on 14 lines, Tokyo’s amazing subway system is one of the largest — and busiest — in all the world. The system map is a twisted mass of […]


Is there a city which could serve as a model of well organised public transportation system? Sure.  Portland, Oregon. It is  ranked among the best transit cities in the country. Commuters are […]

Synonyms 1

You can make your English more colorful by using the synonyms of words instead of repeating the basic ones. Here you can find some help. It’s easy to learn words […]

The Threesome (The irregular verbs)

Click on a game: Here are some games to help memorize them: Verb (Infinitive) Past Simple Past Participle be was, were been beat beat beaten […]

weather words

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Try to find the synonyms of the words in red. Below the picture you can find a link, where you can play an interactive game with these words. Click on […]