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Word games Do the crosswords.

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Video exercise  Complete the task.


First meet the new word. Then watch the video and then you can do the tasks above.

the words to remember:

intentionally                    deliberately, on purpose, knowingly, consciously

unreliable                         inconsistent, untrustworthy

exposed                           a situation or a condition that makes sy likely to be harmed

vicious                              extremely violent
detect                              to discover sg using a special equipment

recommend                      advise, suggest

current                            existing, present

achieve                             succeed, manage

affect                              to change or influence sg

effect                              a change, transformation

relief                               the reduction of pain

assault                             a physical attack

amiable                            friendly, pleasant

groundbreaking               modern, contemporary, advanced

cell                                    the smallest part of a living structure

tissue                               is built of cells

organ                                a part of your body that does  a specific job, eg: brain, heart

work around the clock     24/7, non-stop

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