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biking in portland

Is there a city which could serve as a model of well organised public transportation system? Sure.  Portland, Oregon. It is  ranked among the best transit cities in the country. Commuters are swept quickly and comfortably from almost anywhere to almost anywhere on a system that is reliable, convenient and bicycle friendly. Isn’t it cool?

The Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) rail system seamlessly transitions from inter-city streetcar to intra-city commuter rail and remains best method of transport anywhere. And the system actively looks for ways to improve, regularly handing out surveys to get feedback from riders.

Like most mass transit, TriMet shuts down for the night. Many people

bus drawing

who work or revel at night live beyond the core of downtown, and TriMet’s relatively early closing time is a real limitation. Even those living in relatively

accessible neighborhoods have to head home before the buses stop at 12:30 a.m. The MAX stops running an hour or so later, but those living beyond walking distance of a station face a long walk or a cab ride.

ticket vending machine

Sometimes it can cause problems that riders simply do not pay to ride because the stations are open and fare inspectors rare. Riders cannot be forced to pay before entry because there is no barrier between station and sidewalk. It also isn’t unusual to see people simply wave an expired ticket in the general direction of the driver as they get on. There are even fake ticket rings. But fare jumpers cause problems all over the world.

portland'S cable car

The coolest way of coming down of the hills is the Ariel Tram. Just imagine how fast it is when you don’t have to spend time stuck in the jams on the narrow roads down the hill. Moreover, getting down you can us the bikes waiting for you there!

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